NY in FL

Hey guyZzZzz!!! It’s been awhile bUT I CAN EXPLAIN; ya see, demons from hell (aka my parents) decided to entertain themselves by destroying my life in the midst of my senior year and move me all the way down to Florida, don’t you just love parents :))) So while I was desperately trying to hold my life together, the blog sort of took a backseat for a while :/ Despite that I’m settling down once again to start writing, hopefully now it won’t only be outfit posts but lifestyle posts such as makeup, advice, information, etc. To catch you guys up to speed with my current stress levelz, new state obvi = new school which should = new adjustments but I’ve pretty much stayed the same and have refused to conform to ways of life down here. It’s really interesting to see how different people dress in Florida than Massachusetts, it’s to the point where you can sort of tell who belongs and who doesn’t (it’s honestly very interesting guys) also college apps are srsly more complex than I thought they were I’m literally drowning in applications (SO-FREAKING-S)!!!

Aside from hectic life changes, I found my NY T-shirt dress (YAAAAAYYY)!! I’ve literally been looking for this since the summer guys it just disappeared one day like out of nowhere but I found it and I couldn’t be more turnt. I decided to wear it today since it was the closest state up north to Mass that I have on a shirt and I paired it with my new sk8-hi vans (which are LITERALLY already dirty bc my school is literally half outside in the woods but that’s an angry rant for another day). I sort of lose socks left and right so I paired a white ankle high sock with my polka dot one which I kinda liked even though no one could really tell and of course, I had my chokers on with two ear cuffs (one is actually a hair bead which I love). I also have another mini skirt on just to make sure I’m not flashin my treasure to everyone ya know. Moral of the post: try to have some sort of purpose when you dress for example, this laid back look is basically what I try to always go for: really comfy but still pretty hip, I absolutely love it!

xoxo -Faithe


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