Fine China

Hey guys! Despite December slowly approaching, I’m sad to report that it’s still pretty warm here in the FL 😦 (I’m extremely homesick) The pro side of this bizarrely warm weather is the fact that I can still wear short sleeves and dresses without stockings :)) Sometimes the hassle of finding a pair of stockings in the morning is enough to make me give up and throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day. Today I decided to channel my inner Chinese vibes and donned this cheongsam style dress. So I got this dress from a Goodwill in Mass and when I first spotted it, a girl I knew was actually trying it on and I loved it so much I LI-TERALLY prayed so hard that she wouldn’t buy the dress and she didn’t (clearly Jesus loves me). So as soon as she put it down, I literally scurried over to the rack so fast and snagged it lmao I was so happy, I love this dress! The material is really comfy and I love the color; I always did wish it was a bit snugger but I do love it the way it is. Moral of the story: you never know what treasures you’re gonna find in a thrift store 🙂

xoxo Faithe


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