Native Vibes

Hey y’all!! šŸ™‚ I’m here in the sunshine state as usual, soaking up the some sun and gettin’ my melanin on. One thing I love that I don’t wear enough of are definitely prints. I do usually favor solids just because I think they’re classic, easy to match, and I love solid color blocking. But I am trying to step out there and get more clothes with prints on them. This shirt is one of the print clothing I’ve gotten so far and I love it because it gives off these kind of native/indie vibes or like 70’s vibes and I love the big flowy sleeves and the tassels. It’s just so fun to where and I swear it gives off mostĀ positive energy!! IĀ prefer this shirt with denim, either a skirt or jeans,Ā but I was thinking it might work with a light brown kind of khaki-ish looking pair of pants as well. There’s a lot of potential for what can be done with this shirt so I really love to play with it. Moral of the story: Everyone’s doing the whole solid color thing like nudes and black and grey and brown but invest in some cool prints, they’re fun to mix and match and can make some really cool and creative outfits!

xoxo Faithe


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