THE Shirt

Christmas vacation is finally here!!!! YAS! Obviously I’m turnt but I’m also pretty salty since there is absolutely no Christmas atmosphere in Florida. For example, why is it 90 degrees? Where’s the snow? The big sweaters and scarves? This state just isn’t cutting it for me but I gotta admit, I’m feeling the palm trees šŸ™‚ Anyways, everyone has that one piece of clothing in their closet that they love. Mines is this shirt I snagged from H&M. The back story with this shirt is the women’s section in H&M was soooo damn dry that day that I just decided to go up to the men’s section (they always have better graphic tees for cheaper btw) and there in a jungle I found this jewel for 7 or 12 bucks!  Believe it or not though, I kind of had my doubts about this shirt because I thought I would look too boyish?? But then I remembered who tf I was and how I’ve never cared about the boxes people label me in so I made up my mind to buy it.  I was so turnt you guys I legit twerked my way to the register lmaoo. I don’t have a shirt this colorful or fun to wear, it’s such a laid back shirt and I can wear almost any color with it. Everything about it just makes me feel cool af when I put it on lol šŸ˜Ž Moral of the post: Go outside your comfort zone! When the norm gets boring don’t be afraid to venture out somewhere else to find something, you never know what cute things you’ll find. 

Xoxo Faithe


Shirt: H&M


Leggings : Forever 21

Shoes: Sk8- hi Vans


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