Tuesday Tunes

Every morning either feels like the beginning of hell or the most promising day of the week depending on the random mood I wake up in or which season it is since winter is usually horribly depressing for me. One thing that definitely can influence this is the first song that starts to play when I put my headphones in. But because most of the artist I like are happy in general, I usually start my mornings off in a good mood. I consider myself very musically enlightened in the sense that I hate associating myself with one type of music; I can go from rap to indie to rock in one smooth playlist no problem. But in the mornings I usually stick to my favorite artist such as Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator, PartyNextDoor, Drake, and Justin Bieber. All of these artist differ in the type of music they put out and the mood that they set me in, but with the right songs and a poppin’ playlist, I can start my morning with chill ass songs like Break From Toronto, 48, Pound Cake, Hey Ma, and No Pressure. As the day goes on my playlist usually changes to a more turnt vibe buuuuutt like I said sometimes I have major mood swings, I never really know what I’m in the mood for all the time; one minute I’m jammin’ out to We The Kings and Paramore then the next, I’m singing with Lady Antebellum or spittin’ some Yeezy, it all really just depends. I’m a big believer in constantly expanding my music library and being open to new sounds. Moral of the post: Don’t limit yourself to one genre of music and let society make you define what is “hip” to listen to! There are so many songs and artist out there and I find pretty impossible for anyone to say that they only click with a small amount of artist so expand man! Btw here are some of my all time favorite tunes, some are recent and some are kind of old. You can definitely find them on Soundcloud or Spotify. I’ll try to put one for each category so you guys can all find something, hope you like them 🙂

  1. Hip-Hop: Chance The Rapper: Prom Night or Tyler The Creator: Lone
  2. Rap: Drake: Pound Cake
  3. Jazz: Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse: Body & Soul
  4. R&B: PartyNextDoor: Break From Toronto
  5. Pop: Basically any JB song :))
  6. Country:  Garrett Hedlund ft. Leighton Meester: Give In To Me
  7. Techno/Electronic: The Ready Set: Stays Four The Same
  8. Indie: Florence + The Machine: Never Let Me Go
  9. Punk: All Time Low: Remembering Sunday or We The Kings: Promise the Stars
  10. Rock: Paramore: the whole RIOT! album is life (Brand New Eyes is a lil more punk-ish right?)
  11. Metal: A Day To Remember: I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

xoxo Faithe


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