Slits and Spills

Hello all of you beautiful people/readers, it’s been way too long-like 89 days, 1 hour and and 9 minutes-but no ones counting right? Boy do I have things to spill to y’all! Smh, that’s gonna be a whole seperate post for another day. Things have definitely been a little hectic lately which is really the least embarrasing way of explaining why I was techonology-less for about two months now (although the story will come out sooner or later). From finishing up my senior year to applying/hearing from colleges (theres much good news along with that topic :)) I can honestly say  I’ve been trying to wrap up some loose ends and I’m pretty much over the high school experience by now. Honestly senior year is just one long anxiety attack from start to graduation, I’ve barely survived :/. 

Anyways, I’ll save you guys from my rants for another day. Today’s post is this two slit dress I got for a pretty good deal on the Forever 21 website; Just to be clear, I’m really not a slit person, slits are fine and on the right piece of clothing they can be so nice but they’re just not really my thing ya know? But I really liked the way this dress looked on the model and I thought it was fun, cool, and a lil edgy so I went with it. Because the slits were so high, I did wear my leather skirt underneath but I could also rock some shorts under this as well or maybe some leggings (not too sure about that but you never know)?? My lip go-to color is usually Lax from colourpop or Limbo and anyx butter cream combo (I think it’s merengué maybe but I’m not positive it’s a pink color) only because they seem to match most of my outfits but, I decided to try this purple because I’ve always loved the way it looked when black girls wear it on YouTube and I’ve been dying to try it so I mixed a couple of my shades and honestly it turned out even nicer than I anticipated, I’m so happy I took the risk to wear it. Moral of the post: even when you’re pretty sure what you do and don’t like in your everyday style, switch it up; You never know if you might find an outfit or a specific clothing piece might really like!

Xoxo Faithe



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