Double Denim?

Hello beautiful people of the universe‚ú® Today has just been one of those days where you wake up and things just work out for you man, I live for casual days such as these ūüėä One of my favorite go to pieces to wear on days like this is definitely denim!! Denim, denim, denim; I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I love denim, it’s so so easy to dress up with some bright heels maybe and cool accessories or dress down with some sneakers and a casual tank/shirt. I always feel so comfy in all my denim clothing I just love it! One thing I’ve never tried though was denim on denim. I used think like OMG denim on denim??!! Can you say tacky! But the more I’ve gotten into fashion I’m just honestly loving the way lots of bloggers and stylist are blending different denims together, it’s really beautiful. In this particular post, I finally paired a thrifter denim skirt of mine with my jean jacket and it worked out okay but I wasn’t crazy about it mainly because I felt that the skirt was too dark of a denim to match with my skirt (maybe?). But I’ve always wanted to try this style and I went for it! 

The pros about this outfit was just how comfortable I felt in it, I liked the way the way the casualness all just blended together. The cons were definitelythe actual colors of the denim that I paried together and, believe it or not, the fitting actually. Usually I’m all for clothes on the baggier side of things but I would’ve changed my skirt to a tighter or a smaller jean jacket if I were to try this again just because there was so much baggyness going on and I wish that one denim was tighter than the other. But besides that, this is definitely a style I will be trying again and I totally recommend it! Moral of the post, don’t shy away from something you were once totally against, styles change and so can yours!

Xoxo Faithe 




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