Essentials and Needs

Helllooooo humans! Fall is here and its finally time for those layers, layers, LAYERS!!! Unfortunately, I can’t really stunt in my cozy sweaters since it seems to be kind of hot in hel- I mean Florida…. Lol anyways, I refuse to miss out on the fun, If I can’t dress it out yet then I’m definitely going to blog about it! This fall I think it’s time to turn away from skin-tight dresses and the summer trends and try some looser fitting garments; channel your inner chic Soho tomboy meets comfy city girl a bit. It’s definitely a time to get creative with our outfits and see what fun ensembles we can come up with while staying warm 🙂 Aside from that, I think it’s important this fall to focus a lot on our inner energies and just connecting with them a lot to really kick the rest of this year’s ass. 2016 has definitely been absolutely crazy and I think we’re all more than ready for 2017 to bless us with a major glow up. But stay up friends, focus the rest of this year on improving your self, style, and soul1

xx Faithe


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